Wednesday, November 23, 2016

New Dates for 2017!!!!

New Dates for 2017

Get your education on at The Academy of Reflective Wellness

This 300 hour program is unique in Reflexology.  Therapeutic Reflexology, TCM Reflexology, and applied theory in  Quantum Mechanics makes the East Meets West Certification program extremely comprehensive. 

All tuition paid to

The Academy of Reflective Wellness
4010 Oak St
Salisbury NC 28147
Cynthia B Hill

as always students reviewing a module may review at half tuition price 

East Meets West Reflexology Certification Program

300 hr program 
Each module $450 if paid before early bird date, $500 after

Han 18-21   (eb Jan 4)
Module 1  Basics Reflexology
Theories of operation
Foot pathology 
 Anatomical terms

Feb 15-18 (eb Feb 1)
Module 2 Order in the Session
Review from 1st mod.
Intake forms
Charting a session
Body Systems

March 15-18 (eb March 1)
Module 3 Build the Bones
Aroma therapy Introduction Body System Oils.
Foot Pathologies Techniques
Build a foot: bones of foot and lower leg.
Introduction to coming attractions in TCM

April 12-15 (eb April 4)
Module 4 TCM and Reflexology/ Midterm exam
TCM and Reflexology
Paired organs

May 10-13 (eb April 26)
Module 5 Spine • (Assignment 3 clients 3x each)
Nerves to organs
Intro Dermatomes
Intro Myotomes
Work on instructor

June 7-10  (eb June 1)
Module 6 Muscles and Meridians
Mapping muscles in the body
Relation of muscles to meridians
How to use the information
Review of program
Exam.  And documentation of 10 clients 3x each.

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